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The maritaca is a small bird the color green velvet. It travels in flocks, is adaptable to most environments, always seems to be lively and cheerful, and is especially noisy. Musicians are a lot like this� Maritaca Artistic Productions is a record label and music publisher, releasing the works of some of Brazil�s most creative musicians via CDs and songbooks. �Quinteto�, the first songbook release by Maritaca inaugurates a series entitled �Brazilian Instrumental Music�, which has the purpose of filling a gap in the Brazilian music publishing market by making the works of contemporary Brazilian composers available to musicians, students and the general public. The next songbook will consist of piano scores from the CD �Caderno de Composi��o� (Composition Book) by pianist Mozar Terra, and is due for release in September 2002. In May 2004 were released 4 CDs � 10 anos (Arismar do Esp�rito Santo), Jazz de Senzala (Fil� Machado), Theo (Theo de Barros) and Guzzi (Guzzi Woolley). By the end of 2004 there are 4 more Cds to be released. Maritaca is a company created by musicians and music lovers that is able to promoted workshops around the world and aim to share and increase access to all forms of quality music.

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    Heloisa Fernandes
    December 05, 2008
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